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My apologies to anyones entries (save for the hate meme B|) that I deleted trying to get rid of said hate meme >< Feel free to repost!

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[fanfiction] What Was Lost, Now Regained

Title: What Was Lost, Now Regained (on ffnet)
Characters: Puzzleshipping (Yuugi/Yami no Yuugi)
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: talk of sex
Summary: After being rescued from the burning Black Crown game shop, Yuugi needs to make sure his other self is all right.
Author's Note: This is based entirely on the manga-verse, which differs significantly from the anime during the DDM arc, but readers who are only familiar with the anime should still be able to follow it.

( Hosted on my journal )
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20 Kuribohs

20_kuribohs 20_kuribohs 20_kuribohs

20_kuribohs is a 20 Facts community. In a 20 Facts community, you claim a character, pairing, or group, and then write a story or essay that consists of 20 things about that character--it could be favorites foods, childhood memories, anecdotes, allergies, phobias, grades, fetishes, secret loves, or just where they're getting their hair done--anything goes! In short, it's a fun way to write a story! Formerly only open to GX claims, this community is opening up to accept claims from all Yu-Gi-Oh series. So come and check it out!
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Silent Cinderella (Fanfiction)

Fandom: YuugiOu
Characters/Ship: Seto and Shizuka +others/Silentshipping
Genre: Romance/Drama. Ongoing
Shizuka wants to get ahead in life. Kaiba just wants to de-stress. Mokuba wants his brother to be happy, and Jou's rather clueless. A tale of a not-so-epic love between Domino's Prince-of-pretty-much-everything and the girl who's rather unsure.

Prologue http://ladyshewolf.livejournal.com/4758.html
Chapter 2 http://ladyshewolf.livejournal.com/4874.html
Chapter 3 http://ladyshewolf.livejournal.com/5369.html
Chapter 4 http://ladyshewolf.livejournal.com/5570.html

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☆ Mawaru Penguindrum → 03
☆ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann → 01
☆ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters → 60


☆ Doctor Who → 05
☆ Gwen Stefani → 03
☆ Nicki Minaj → 06
☆ Sailor Moon → 17
☆ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters → 41